Courtesy of the artist. Photography by Hiram Luis Mojica, 2020.

Ariel René Jackson

Ariel René Jackson (b. 1991) is a Black film-based artist whose practice considers land and landscape as sites of internal representation. Themes of transformation are embedded in their interest and application of repurposed imagery and objects, video, sound, and performance. Exploring how culture is inherited, Jackson modifies familial and antique farming, household, and educational tools and furniture, hacking each object’s purpose and meaning with nature-based material and weather based icons.

Texas-based Ariel René Jackson will premiere the trailer for their new film A Welcoming Place, alongside behind the scenes footage, as part of this online in conversation event with LA-based Kearra Amaya Gopee. In their work, Jackson employs a meteorological aesthetic as an allegory for oral narratives. A Welcoming Place will showcase six conversations with Black and Brown Austinites, highlighting each individual’s relationship to the city of Austin, Texas. Excerpts from each conversation will form a video aided by visuals of the Austin area, and an animation made from archival film footage about ‘the weather balloon’ – a carrier for a mechanism that collects meteorological information. The project is a co-commission between Women & Their Work and YSI and the full film will be shown in January 2022 in Austin.

Ariel René Jackson: A Welcoming Place

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