Ayşe Erkmen, Glass Works, 2015. Image by Valery Klein. Courtesy of Cadhame_Halle verriére de Meisenthal.

Ayşe Erkmen

Leeds City Centre

Ayşe Erkmen’s sculptural practice transforms environments as she responds to a particular place through eye catching site-specific interventions that draw our attention to locations and things that are often overlooked or hidden.

Erkmen’s work is influenced by the historical, cultural, political and geographical significance of a particular place often incorporating the architectural features of those locations as part of her works.

For Yorkshire Sculpture International, Ayşe Erkmen will make a new installation in response to an historic building in the centre of Leeds.

Erkmen realised a major commission for Skulpture Projekte Münster in 2017 and represented Turkey at the Venice Biennale in 2011. Erkmen has created public realm commissions in many places across the world, most recently in Ghent (2017) and Washington (2015).

b. 1949, Istanbul, Turkey
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany and Istanbul, Turkey

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Leeds City Centre

We are working with artist Ayşe Erkmen to bring a new work to Leeds City Centre for the festival

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