Installation shots of Nobuko Tsuchiya at Leeds Art Gallery for Yorkshire Sculpture International. Courtesy Leeds Art Gallery. Photography Simon Warner

Nobuko Tsuchiya

Leeds Art Gallery

Nobuko Tsuchiya uses a variety of media to create imaginative sculptures that evoke an arresting narrative quality. Her work incorporates found household objects including mop buckets, table legs, rags and plastic tubing. Her enigmatic sculptures resemble minimalist mechanisms devoid of function, primitive robots, or curious experiments.

She begins by collecting materials she is intuitively attracted to and combining them into polymer-like structures which are then cast. For Yorkshire Sculpture International 2019 Tsuchiya spent a month in the gallery at Leeds Art Gallery assembling her work. Visitors could see the exhibition in progress and the final work was on display during the festival.

Tsuchiya approaches her materials as repositories of memory and experience, as well as signifiers of the future; “I treat these physical and imaginative aspects equally, combining and recombining them until I’m able to construct a story embedded within an object”.

Tsuchiya has exhibited internationally, most recently at SCAI The Bathhouse, Tokyo, 2018.

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b. 1972 Yokohama, Japan
Lives and works in Japan

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