Code of Conduct

Please read our organisational Code of Conduct to ensure that all staff, collaborators, volunteers and visitors are able to experience our physical and digital spaces safely.

Avoid making assumptions about people’s identity, particularly based on their physical appearance. Understand and respect that everyone has a unique experience of life.

Social Distancing
Follow our social distancing measures to ensure the health and safety of everyone within this space.

Personal Boundaries
Respect each other’s personal and emotional boundaries. Do not assume another person’s boundaries and do not push them.

Always seek consent and adjust your behaviour accordingly. Ask for consent in advance of photographing someone and do not photograph any children or vulnerable adults.

A pronoun is how you refer to someone, e.g. she, he or they. Please respectfully ask people what their pronouns are rather than making an assumption.

Understand Your Privilege 
Consider how you operate in this space and the privileges that you enter with. Be aware that structural inequalities are not always visible.

Appropriate Language
Be respectful when communicating with others. We do not tolerate and will challenge any prejudice based on age, asylum status, class, disability, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender presentation, language ability, sexuality or religious affiliation.

Social Media and Online Events
Everything in this Code of Conduct extends to all of our digital platforms including closed meetings and public events.

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