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Lumps of Clay Project with Urban House, Wakefield and artist Rachel Kidd at Yorkshire Sculpture International Street Party. Photography Joseph Legg

Rachael Kidd

Rachael uses land as a sculptural medium, playing with the relationship between the natural landscape and the man-made environment. In early 2019she spent a month in the Tout Quarry Nature Reserve and Sculpture Park (Portland, Dorset) where she revisited ways of approaching the land as not only a source of inspiration but also as a raw material.

For Yorkshire Sculpture International 2019, Rachael worked with the residents at Urban House, Wakefield to develop a series of workshops based around our connection to nature. Urban House is an initial accommodation centre for Asylum Seekers (one of a few in the UK), where over 300 people are placed for 30 days before being housed across the North of England. The workshops made use of natural materials, exploring the landscape around Wakefield.

Engagement project with Urban House

Our engagement programme

Yorkshire Sculpture International 2019 had an extensive engagement programme, working with schools, universities, communities and artists.

We explored sculpture with people of all ages, connecting them with the materials and processes used in making sculpture today and showing how sculpture can be found all around us.

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