RL Wilson workshops with New Roots at Leeds Art Gallery, YSI 2019. Photo: Nick Singleton

RL Wilson

RL Wilson responds to particular sites or locations – gleaning social, political, personal, geographical and historical details of a place- to create playful, humorous works. The artist unpicks the landscape and its various visual, verbal, written, and sonic languages via sound, live performance, text, and the moving image. Their process is firmly rooted in ideas of an individual’s experience within specific environments.

For Yorkshire Sculpture International RL Wilson worked with community groups in Leeds to create a site-specific installation exploring the city and its residents.

RL Wilson & New Roots

Our engagement programme

Yorkshire Sculpture International has an extensive engagement programme, spanning education, community collaborations and artist support.

We explore sculpture with people of all ages, connecting them with the materials and processes used in making sculpture today and showing how sculpture can be found all around us. We are currently working with a group of 25 artists across Yorkshire as part of our 2022 Sculpture Network.

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