Prayer Hands (iPad poses) 2019, Zara Worth and Abbey Grange Students, YSI 2019. Image: Nick Singleton

Zara Worth

Concerned with the cultural and social impact of social media, Zara’s practice explores our physical and emotional relationship with the hardware and software of the digital age. Her work considers the effect of social media (a period in the history of technology known as Web2.0) on how we express our identity, our belief systems, and how we use social media to articulate meaning and values.

For Yorkshire Sculpture International, Zara Worth worked with Year 9 students from Abbey Grange Academy in Leeds, to examine young people’s relationship to social media and mobile devices, making sculptures and objects which will provide metaphors for their experience of and thoughts about Web2.0.

Zara Worth & Abbey Grange Academy

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Yorkshire Sculpture International has an extensive engagement programme, spanning education, community collaborations and artist support.

We explore sculpture with people of all ages, connecting them with the materials and processes used in making sculpture today and showing how sculpture can be found all around us. We are currently working with a group of 25 artists across Yorkshire as part of our 2022 Sculpture Network.

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