Quentin Bell, ‘The Dreamer’, 1982. Image courtesy of the University of Leeds.

Sculpture in the Round

We’ve teamed up with University of Leeds to bring you a series of public discussion events throughout the festival.

These talks will explore the nature of sculpture in the public realm from various perspectives, posing questions such as Who is it for? What is its role in society? Who makes it? Where and how is it located?

The series of curated Sculpture in the Round Conversations is free and open to all, and has been coordinated by the Cultural Institute.

Click on each talk below to find out more and listen to the recording.

Sculpture in the Round

Our engagement programme

Yorkshire Sculpture International 2019 has an extensive engagement programme, working with schools, universities, communities and artists.

We are exploring sculpture with people of all ages, connecting them with the materials and processes used in making sculpture today and showing how sculpture can be found all around us.

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