Kushy Dil group at their pop-up exhibition 'Story in a Suitcase' in the Central Court at Leeds Art Gallery, March 2022.

Story in a Suitcase with Thahmina Begum

Artist Thahmina Begum worked with the Kushy Dil art group in her local area of Beeston to create ‘Story in a Suitcase’, a collaborative project inspired by trips to the Henry Moore Institute and Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The Kushy Dil group, who are mostly from Bangladeshi backgrounds, worked together to create a sculptural installation in a suitcase, bringing in food and kitchen items related to their heritage and combining them with clay sculptures which they made together.

A plate of vegetables and rice designed to look like a chicken, with hands holding phones taking photos.

The weekly sessions allowed the group to meet, talk, share food and stories of their shared experiences living in Beeston with dual heritage. The food items collected by the group were combined with other found objects and clay sculptures inspired by crockery and cutlery traditionally found in Bangladeshi homes. The work was displayed in a pop-up exhibition in the Central Court at Leeds Art Gallery in March 2022, accompanied by a zine-making workshop with Clare Jolley from Leeds Art Gallery.

The Kushy Dil group watching the project film at the pop-up show for Story in a Suitcase at Leeds Art Gallery.
The Kushy Dil group used scans of Bangladeshi sweet wrappers at the zine-making workshop.
Thahmina Begum and the Kushy Dil group at the opening of the Story in a Suitcase exhibition at Leeds Art Gallery.
The Kushy Dil group making zines at the Leeds Art Gallery workshop.

Thahmina Begum

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