Kp Culver & Leeds City College students, 'Panel Discussion', 2022.

Kp Culver & Leeds City College

Artist Kp Culver worked with Leeds City College students to create the sculptural work ‘Panel Discussion’, to be based at the college’s Quarry Hill campus. The students watched a presentation on artists working across public sculpture, which allowed them to think about 3D materials for the design of their own sculpture.

Kp then asked the students the simple and broad question ‘what do they want’. These desires were written across four wooden boards which moved around the building in different formations, leading to the work titled ‘Panel Discussion’.


Leeds City College students working together to create 'Panel Discussion.

‘Working with LCC and YSI brought a conversation around the many ways artists approach public sculpture. I wanted to explore how sculpture could move around the building, responding to the space and include the community’ – Kp Culver

‘I really enjoyed learning more about sculpture. The panels brought us together, thinking about other people’s desires and how we make space for each other. Moving them around the college was very playful even though some of the writing is deep’ – Shahan, Level 3 Art student

Kp Culver & LCC Students, 'Panel Discussion', 2022.
Kp Culver & LCC Students, 'Panel Discussion', 2022.
Kp Culver & LCC Students, 'Panel Discussion', 2022.

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