Roger Hiorns: A Retrospective View of the Pathway

At certain times of day, a compressor will generate vast clusters of bubbles that will blow across the landscape and be shaped by the wind, blurring boundaries between the parkland and the art, and allowing the environment and people involved to formulate each unique experience. Hiorns places people at the centre of this interactive work by inviting visitors to engage with it as a place of liberation for both children and adults.

The artist is known for playing with ideas around what sculpture is and questioning what it can be. Although an encounter with this work is fleeting, it changes and refreshes our perspective on the physical world around us and how we relate to it. Hiorns creates a focal point around which people come together to experience joyful moments of fascination and pleasure, regardless of who they are or the differences that may exist between them. His use of foam stems from early childhood memories and connects with the innocence and liberation associated with play.

Please note: The foam used in Hiorns’s artwork is organic, eco-friendly, allergen free, and non-toxic. Use caution if you have sensitivities to detergent-based materials. Visitors are invited to interact with the installation at your own risk. If you do want to interact with the artwork, please consider wearing clothes that can get wet or messy and bring towels and a change of clothes.

Saturday 6 August - Sunday 4 September 2022

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