Installation shots of Nobuko Tsuchiya at Leeds Art Gallery, Courtesy Leeds Art Gallery. Photography Simon Warner

Yorkshire Sculpture International

Leeds Art Gallery

At Leeds Art Gallery a series of solo shows and new commissions explore the breadth of contemporary sculpture-making, including the first solo exhibition in the UK by Nobuko Tsuchiya (b.1972, Japan). Tsuchiya uses a variety of media to create imaginative sculptures that evoke an arresting narrative quality. She begins by collecting materials she is intuitively attracted to and combining them into polymer-like structures which are then cast. As part of the exhibition, Tsuchiya has used the gallery as a studio to assemble the final works.

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Ayşe Erkmen is making one of the major Yorkshire Sculpture International commissions, an installation in the Central Court, responding to the architecture of the building.

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Rachel Harrison (b. 1966, New York) will exhibit a group of works that relate to the body. Harrison’s work draws from a wide range of influences, combining art historical and pop cultural references through a diverse assemblage of materials.

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Joanna Piotrowska (b. 1985, Poland) will take over one of the galleries, carpeting the floor and installing a series of composed black and white photographs which explore notions of the human body and social structures. Piotrowska’s work examines the complex power dynamics and psychological effects of human relationships.

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Also at Leeds Art Gallery, Damien Hirst’s Black Sheep with Golden Horns will be on display in the historic Arnold and Marjorie Ziff Gallery. Part of Hirst’s iconic formaldehyde series, the work features a black sheep with golden horns, positioned within a steel-framed vitrine. This sculpture will be at the centre of the Ziff gallery display, in dialogue with the historic painting collection which covers the years 1888 to 1900.

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Woodwork: A Family Tree of Sculpture is a new sculpture display featuring eight recently acquired works exhibited for the first time. The display of work from Leeds Art Gallery’s collection responds to Phyllida Barlow’s provocation that ‘sculpture is the most anthropological of the art forms’ by considering wood as the most anthropological of materials.

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Saturday 22 June - Sunday 29 September 2019

Leeds Art Gallery
The Headrow

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