Katrina Cowling, Scantily Clad, 2016.

Katrina Cowling

Katrina Cowling is an artist based in Bradford. Her work spans sculpture and installation with a focus on materiality, process and the body in space. Amidst a time marked by virtuality, technological acceleration and relentless noise, both auditory and visual, Cowling navigates the space in-between; the liminal, the transitory, the periphery, to create spaces of stillness.

A trained glass-bender, she has explored the seductive combination of light, electricity, glass and noble gases for over five years, playfully challenging the formal and conceptual tropes of this strange and elusive science. Sensuous sculptural landscapes are littered with relic-like objects; the ephemeral, disposable and scavenged abutting the cold hard lines of post-modernism, creating atmospheric environments which speak of alienation, dislocation, ritual and place.

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