William Braithwaite, Concretion, 2017.

William Braithwaite

William Braithwaite is interested in objects that engage the viewer in a bodily way,  in objects that are large scale and or complex in their design. He builds up large sculptural forms that have geometry and linear values. Through the medium of concrete he asks questions about the relationship between architecture and sculpture. The mundane colour of the material allows the viewer to become connected with the form and structure of the work. Braithwaite’s sculptures appear to appropriate architectural elements combined with other functional objects which come together to create a hybrid.

His work defines visual relationships as a way to make sense of architecture and its aesthetic values, and as a way of trying to understand abstract relationships. Architecture is the influence for these sculptures which embody a narrative and concept a building cannot have. Braithwaite studied at Leeds Arts University and has a BA from Glasgow School of Art (2017 Sculpture and Environmental Art).


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