Harriet Hill, Rock of Ages, St Michael’s Church, 2019. Courtesy of Sculpt.

Sculpt, in churches near Ripon

25 May –  28 September 2019
Seven churches arpund Masham near Ripon, North Yorkshire: North Stainley, West Tanfield, Well, Snape, Masham, Healey, Mickley

Discover a site-specific artwork by a top international and innovative artist in each church.  Their brief was to “respond to space”, for which they have risen to the occasion and successfully created dramatic and unique, site-specific sculptures in village churches surrounded by the stunning Yorkshire countryside.

The 26 mile trail offers all the ingredients for an enriching, educational and stimulating visit to buildings that form an essential part of the fabric of British culture, but that are often neglected or ignored.  Everyone agrees that a village needs a church, and the thought of them being converted into carpet warehouses or strange residential conversions is as unappealing to non-church goers as it is to the faithful.  This event is for everyone.

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Sculpture in Yorkshire

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